How to Extend the Work Permit in Canada?

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About Work Permit To Canada

In Canada, a work permit refers to the official permission granted to immigrants to participate in different jobs. The country offers you profitable opportunities to gather relevant experience by working is a corresponding line of work for a temporary period. However, these permits come with a limited expiry date. In case you need to stay for some more time, it is essential to extend the license as soon as possible.

Things to Do for Extending Your Work Permit

In Canada, the first thing you need to do is apply to renew your extension period. You need to change your current employer and find a new one registered with the authorities in the country.

You might also have to extend your work permit if you might have to leave the region temporarily. However, do not worry as you can come back with our help. We are right here standing by your side to provide you all the necessary services to get you back in this beautiful country.

Apart from this, you might also need such services to get a permanent residence in Canada. For all such details, feel free to call our customer desk number.

Renewing the Extension

One of the first things to consider about extending the work permit is filling the appropriate application to the concerned authorities. You need to apply for the status within 30 days of the current permit's expiry date. Once it is expired, you won't get the chance to extend the work permit so smoothly. For such situations, we have some vital information for you:

  • If you manage to apply for the work permit extension within the required period, then you would be allowed to stay in Canada legally. But until the decision is made, you would receive the implied status.
  • If you apply for the renewal or extension or decide to stay as a visitor after the permit's expiration, you would lose your status. That is because; you need to act according to the requirements of the license.
  • In some specific cases, your applications might be considered even when you apply within 90 days of losing your status. But for that, you need to state your reasons for staying longer in the country. Also, there isn't any guarantee of getting accepted by the authorities.

About Re-Entering With Work Permit in Canada

For re-entering purposes, you would require appropriate documents like:

  • Valid passport
  • Travel documents
  • Valid work permit
  • Return visa for temporary resident visa holders

Please note that citizens of St. Pierre, Miquelon, and the USA will not require any visa for re-entry. Only citizenship proof will be adequate for it. But for others, the process might be lengthy and complicated. However, you can apply for an extension until four years in Canada. For more consultation regarding the same, do contact us immediately.