LMIA – Hire a Foreign Worker

An In-Depth Knowledge about LMIA Work Permit for Working in Canada

LMIA is an acronym for Labor Market Impact Assessment, an important document required for employing foreign nationals in Canada. Canadian employers need to submit this official document when they want to hire foreign individuals for their business. But do note that employment is only for a temporary period.

Often the foreign nationals might now be well aware of these rules and regulations required for getting a job in Canada. That is why, at Nordstrat Immigration Solutions Inc., canada work permit agent in Punjab aim to provide you affordable assistance and information regarding work permits. Here are some of the crucial things to know about LMIA work permit for your reference:

LMIA- An Official Document to Hire a Foreign Professional

As already stated above, LMIA is a document which gives the authority to the Canadian businesspersons to hire foreign workers. Also, these Canadian employers need to prove that there isn't an appropriate availability of skilled professionals.

Hence it marks the availability of job positions for foreign workers. The employer needs to prepare the application and send it to the foreign worker who requires submission and the work permit application.

CIC Approves the LMIA Application

It is ESDC or Employment and Social Development Canada that decides the issuance of an LMIA application. However, Citizenship and Immigration Canada makes the final decision which considers the following factors:

  • Working circumstances and wages of the worker
  • Nationality of the candidate at work
  • Profitable for creating opportunities for Canadian citizens or not
  • Useful for transferring skills and knowledge from the worker

The decision depends on the joint activity by CIC, Canada Border Service Agency, and ESDC.

About LMIA Application Form

In general, there were two forms available for filling for the LMIA. However, since 2015, it has changed to being only a single form. However, the questions remain the same for the applicants.

In case the employer changes any terms or any condition of the foreign workers' agreements, LMIA needs to be immediately informed. If the employer fails to notify about it, there can be severe consequences. In many cases, employers can face stiff penalties and even ban from the concerned authorities.  

The Validity of LMIA Application

LMIA is valid for six months from the date of issue. Once the applicant receives this, he/she needs to send it for getting the appropriate work permit. In case of failure to apply within six months, you need to apply a new LMIA application. However, exceptions are available for people applying for jobs in Quebec. But you need to submit a request for CAQ, which takes a considerable amount of time.

Top Vital Features to Consider

The validity is quite different from the duration of employment of the LMIA application. The term seems to be diverse, as it is the work period granted by this application. Here are the three options that help you to determine the LMIA duration:

  • Appropriate support provided to the work permit for a temporary period
  • Availability of permanent support for the foreign worker for getting permanent residence only if the individual meets all the requirements
  • Availability of both temporary and permanent duration to support residence and work period

We understand that these informative facts can be quite confusing. That is why; feel free to contact us to know more about such immigration and work permit-related information.