Canada Federal Skilled Worker

Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada is available for skilled immigrant workers with appropriate foreign work experience. It offers suitable chances to these workers to immigrate to this country permanently. However, to get the permission from the concerned authorities, you must know every detail of the program.

Also, it is essential for fulfilling all the eligibility criteria accurately to get approval for your submission. In case you find the procedure confusing or time-consuming, you can contact us. We, at NordStrat Immigration Solutions Inc., aim to provide you excellent immigration services in Canada. We strongly believe in educating the folks about the intricate details of the procedure. Our sole objective is to help our clients to get through the process successfully.

How Does the Federal Skilled Worker Program In Canada Work?

Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada has a few minimum requirements for reference:

  • Trained work experiences in a particular line of work
  • Language ability
  • Education

In case you want to apply for the program, you need to meet all these requirements. The concerned authorities mainly assess the applications based on education, age, work experiences, adaptability, language skills, and availability of a valid job offer. The relevant authorities use a 100-point grid to assess the immigrant workers' eligibility for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

The minimum eligibility criteria for applying for Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada are:

  • Skilled work experience that highlights your work profile in one of the National Occupational Classification job groups
  • Full-time work experience for at least one year
  • Appropriate language skills present for French or English
  • Educational degrees with proper credentials
  • Educational Credential Assessment for immigration uses
  • Sufficient proof of funds for settling in Canada

In case you have part-time work experience, you need to work for a cumulative of 1560 hours as a whole. In the case of student work experience, one needs to show continuous work experience with no gaps in the employment period. Also, the student must have been paid by commissions or wages by authorized Canadian companies.

If you have gone to a Canadian institute, you must submit the appropriate paperwork for high school and post-secondary institutions. These eligibility criteria also have few exceptions and unique features. In case of queries, we are right here to help you out.

Benefits of the Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada

The advantages of applying to the Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada are:

  • People who qualify for this program need not have any connection to Canada except for their professional experience. All they require is language proficiency in English or French, along with the desired education. Also, in terms of degrees, one can complete them both from Canadian colleges and outside of the country.
  • It provides opportunities for skilled immigrant workers to move to Canada and secure permanent resident status.
  • As you get such status in the country, hence more job opportunities and healthcare services are available for the candidates.

Attaining this status in Canada can open a lot of opportunities for skilled immigrant professionals here. That is why we try to help you out with the paperwork and the entire application procedure. In case of any doubts about the Federal Skilled Worker Program, you can visit our website for more information.