NAFTA Work Permits

Advance your career in Canada with the NAFTA Work Permit

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has made it simpler for US and Mexican citizens to settle and work in Canada. A majority of other Canadian work permits require Labor Market Impact Assessment referred to as LIMA. Obtaining LIMA is a lengthy and expensive procedure. But note that NAFTA work permits usually don’t need LIMA. As an employee, if you qualify for the NAFTA permit, your application would be processed within a few hours.  

Specific requirements to qualify for NAFTA work permits

Here is the list of requirements to qualify for the NAFTA work permit.

  • You must either be the United States or Mexican citizen. H-1B visa and green card holders are not eligible to apply for NAFTA work permits.
  • You should have a job offer in the sixty occupations as enlisted by NAFTA. You have to check the list to make sure that your profession falls within the details as specified.
  • As an employee, you should have qualifications for the occupation you are applying for in the NAFTA agreement. In a majority of rules, the minimum you should have is a bachelor’s degree.

The two-step application process of NAFTA work permits

You should be mindful of the fact that the NAFTA work permit is a two-step one. Here is the list of steps you should follow while applying for NAFTA work permits.

  • The Canadian employer should submit an offer of employment online. This offer of job usually comprises the job description and necessary information about the worker. The fee to send the offer of employment is CAD 230. After the submission of the employment offer, the online system provides an “A Number.”
  • Subsequently, the employee travels to Canada and applies for a work permit. However, note that this permit can only be used from a Canadian Airport or land border posts. You should have the “A Number” with you to apply for work permits. Also, you need to submit copies of your degrees and proof of worker qualifications. You also have to pay a fee for the work permit insurance, which is $155.

Temporary Work Permit

Always remember that a NAFTA Work Permit is temporary in nature. But there is no denying the fact that NAFTA work permit is a great pathway to obtain permanent Canadian residence. Permanent residence in Canada is based on the points-based system known as Express Entry. You would be at an advantageous position when you have the NAFTA work permit. It is because you would get extra points if you have a Canadian work permit.  

Who is covered by NAFTA?

The NAFTA work permits are meant primarily for the US, Mexico, and Canadian citizens. The permanent residents of all these three countries are not covered. In case you are a business visitor, NAFTA eliminates the requirement for a work permit.  

At NordStrat Immigration Solutions Inc., we can help both employees and employers to file the NAFTA work permit. We would prepare the entire application process on behalf of you.