Apply For Post-Graduation Work Permit

Important Details about the Post-Graduation Work Permit

A post-graduation work permit is granted to international students after the completion of their post-secondary education. With the help of this permit, students can get the opportunity to work in Canada. If you have completed your graduation course at an eligible Canadian educational institute, you can apply for a post-graduation work permit.

Note that a post-graduation work permit is not specific to the employer. In other words, this permit allows international graduates to work in any industry in Canada. Usually, you don’t need to have a Canadian job offer while applying for this permit.

Eligibility Criteria for the Post-Graduation Work Permit

Here is the list of eligibility criteria for the post-graduation work permit.

  • You should complete a tour study program of at least eight months duration
  • You should be graduated from a post-secondary educational institution
  • The educational institute should be a recognized one eligible to confer degrees
  • You should be able to apply for the permit within 90 days of getting confirmation from an academic institution
  • It would be best if you had a valid study permit when applying for a post-graduation work permit

Always remember that if you want a three-year post-graduation permit, the academic duration should be of 2 years duration.

Why Should You Apply?

The post-graduation work permit is a great way to apply what you have learned so far practically. Moreover, with the help of this permit, you can advance your professional goals to gain Canadian work experience. Also, it would be a bit difficult to qualify for a Canadian work permit in the absence of the post-graduation work permit. So if you have future plans to settle permanently settle in Canada, a post-graduation work permit is the ideal choice.

These permits are issued only once in a lifetime. Thus you should definitely opt for a post-graduation work permit keeping in mind future studies. If you don’t intend to apply, contact the university authorities to communicate to them the same.    

Specific Things to Consider Before You Apply

Your study permit would be invalid 90 days after the letter of completion is available. Always consider applying to extend the study permit for an additional 90-day bridging period. It would be best if you ever made it a point to have a valid study permit at the time of application.

Possession of a valid study permit would entitle you to work full-time after the submission of the post-graduation work permit online. In case you haven’t yet provided the biometrics, communicate to the authorities regarding the same.

Canada wants international students and graduates to plan for a long-term career. To facilitate this objective, the post-graduation work permit allows students to gain valuable experience in the Canadian employment sector. With this experience, the graduates not only earn, but they also benefit from being permanent residence. The maximum validity of this permit is usually three years. You can work under any employer in any Canadian province.   

Contact us at the earliest if you are facing problems related to the post-graduation work permit. At NordStrat Immigration Solutions Inc., we would be happy to help you sort out things.