Effective Measures to Take To Extend Your Stay in Canada

At NordStrat Immigration Solutions Inc., we understand how valuable time and resources are for you. We know how crucial it is to extend your stay without any complications in Canada. We know families and independent visitors might have to extend their stay due to multiple reasons.

But the entire procedure can appear to be a confusing task for many. That is why we bring you some of the crucial information related to extending your stay in Canada:

How to Apply For an Extension?

If you need to extend your stay period in Canada as a visitor, you need to apply for an extension as soon as possible. It is advisable to apply for it before the expiry of your status. Keep a tab on your expiration date and apply for an extension as applicable.

In case it is accepted by the Canadian government officials, you will receive a visitor record. It is an official document stating the length of your stay in Canada and the expiry date. The expiry date is the final date, after which you need to leave the country. In case you are traveling across the borders, make sure to get yourself a valid entry document.

Eligibility for Visitor Record

The visitors are eligible for such a record in Canada. However, people who need to modify their student or work status into visitor records can also apply for the same.

In case you require a visitor visa instead of the record, you need to be:

  • Staying in Canada already
  • Have an official study or work allowance
  • Travel out and come back to Canada
  • Has expired visitor visa, even for single entry

However, remember that you would receive a visitor record on filing the application, which isn’t valid for re-entry. Make sure to apply within 30 days before the expiry date of your status. In case of doubts, contact Certified Canadian immigration consultant in Jalandhar

We can apply online with your credentials and offer the utmost security for concealing your private information.

Why Go Online?

The affordable and smooth way to file your application is through the online platform. Here are some of the reasons why the online request is profitable for you:

  • No requirement of any courier fees or waiting for mail delivery
  • Overall application processing is pretty fast and hassle-free
  • No worries about the application being incomplete
  • A smooth and accessible way to submit documents via the online platform
  • Officials send the application status directly to your online account

Steps to File an Application for "Extend Your Stay"

Here are the steps for filing your application to extend your stay in Canada as a visitor:

  • Assemble a valid credit or debit card along with all your original documents
  • A scanner is required for scanning all the documents for online submission
  • Read the instruction manual thoroughly and fill out the application form

Once you are done, you need to answer some essential questions before submitting the filled-in application form. In case you need to ask about your current territory or country of residence, select Canada. Once done, create an online account to pay the fees for the process. Submit your application and wait for the updates from the officials.

In case you cannot file an online application, submit a written document to the authorities stating the problems. In case you miss the expiry date, you can remain in Canada until the government officials decide on your application.