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Important Aspects to Know About Canada Visitor/Tourist Visa

At NordStrat Immigration Solutions Inc., we guide a plethora of people looking forward to settling, travel, or visit in Canada. We are of the view that Canada offers excellent opportunities with a stable setting. We facilitate highly customized solutions to people who want to immigrate to Canada. We understand that all those procedures related to Canada Visit Visa can intimidate you. This is the reason that we have come up with all the requisite information.

Canada Visitor/Tourist Visa

A visitor is an individual who longs to travel to Canada for work, visit, or study. Every traveler, unless absolved, should get a visa before landing in Canada. A visitor is not a permanent resident or citizen of Canada. Anyone who wants to visit Canada should apply from outside of Canada before they commence traveling.

If they are in need of a visitor visa, you can provide your family members with a letter of invitation. Usually, a letter of invitation makes the process of obtaining a visa directly.

However, it doesn't provide any surety that they would get the visa. For guidance, you can contact a Canada immigration in Jalandhar

Do You Need An Electronic Travel Authorization Or eTA?

All travelers belonging to visa-exempt nations are required to board with an eTA. This rule is also applicable to those who are in transit via Canada. To apply for an eTA, you should have a valid passport and a debit card. It usually costs $7CAD to get an eTA. The process of applying is quite straightforward, and we help you. Note that the approved eTAs are valid for up to 5 years.

How to Apply For a Visit Visa for Canada?

Here is the list of ways through which you can apply for a Canada visit visa.

  • Submit a visa application form to the visa office in your respective country
  • After the verification of the information provided by you in the visa application form, the visa personnel would call you for an interview.
  • You would be asked various questions related to your visit.
  • After the screening process, your visit visa would be issued.

Single Entry Use or Multiple Entry Use

Note that a visitor visa can be for single entry or multiple entry use. This is the reason that you would always find us assisting in every step of the visa filing process. Note that the single-entry visas are issued before six months from the date of travel. The multiple-entry visas have the highest validity date of 10 years. In case you are a foreign national with an immigrant visa, you are free to apply for a temporary resident visa.

How Long Can You Stay On A Visitor Visa?

On a visitor visa, you can stay up to six months in Canada. At the airport, the immigration officer would put the date you need to leave in your passport. In a majority of the cases, they would also provide you with a document. This is commonly referred to as the visitor record, which would depict your departure date.

Contact us in case you have hit a block while applying for a Canadian visit visa.