An Introduction to Canadian Experience Class

Do you want to apply for the Canadian Experience Class? If so, then you must be aware of the intricate details of the program as well. In case you find the process to be quite lengthy, let do not worry at all. That is because; we are here to help you out with the entire application procedure.

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Also, we are always available for you and your family whenever you face any immigration status issues. So, if you aren’t aware of the facts related to Canadian Experience Class, here is some information for reference:

About Canadian Experience Class

It is a unique immigration program meant for Canadian immigrants who can meet all the specific parameters of significant contributors to the country’s economy. It is designed for the skilled professionals who already have Canadian work experiences for over one year and want to get permanent resident status in Canada.

Eligibility Requirements for Canadian Experience Class

The eligibility criteria for attaining the Canadian Experience Class are:

  • Possess skilled work experience for at least one year as a full-time worker or three years as a part-time worker in Canada
  • Must apply within three years of attaining work experience in Canada
  • Applicant must have legal status while working or studying in Canada
  • Must be able to fulfill the minimum language requirements in French or English
  • Has a valid passport
  • Can submit all the required qualification documents
  • Is willing to live outside Quebec province

Advantages of Applying to Canadian Experience Class

Once you attain the Canadian Experience Class, you can enjoy several advantages within the country. Some of the essential benefits associated with this status are:

  • Availability of exceptional job opportunities in several fields like administration, biotechnology, engineering, healthcare, etc.
  • Lucrative salary packages and hourly wages
  • Freedom to reside within the country along with flexible working hours
  • Social security benefits as given to all Canadian citizens
  • Availability of cheap public transportation facilities

Remember that the paperwork is very extensive and hence can be processed much quickly within four months.

Rates of Canadian Experience Class Applications

You need to pay a decent amount of fees to the Canadian government to apply. If it gets approved by the concerned authorities, you also have to pay a Permanent Resident Fee. This fee is separately charged from the others.

Why Choose Us?

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  • Assessing your eligibility for application
  • Assisting you to prepare the appropriate documentation for the application
  • Ensure that your file highlights all the essential features for improving the chances of success
  • Coordinating with the concerned authorities to know about the application’s status

Apart from this, we have a separate team of professionals always looking out for the clients to help them in any situation. Give us a chance today to help you get the Canadian Experience Class in no time.