Caregiver in Canada

Canada Offers Permanent and Temporary Status to Caregivers

Canada is one of the popular immigrating countries across the global platform. Every year skilled professionals from all over the world look for job opportunities in this country. However, one needs to know the detailed paperwork for applying to get the appropriate work permits in Canada.

At Nordstrat Immigration Solutions Inc., we work with professionals that excel in providing valuable information regarding immigration services in Canada. Be it study visa or a work permit; we can help you apply for the right status in no time. Also, we help you to understand the entire application procedure to nullify any confusion later.

In case you are looking for information about caregiver status in Canada, here are some facts for your reference:

Permanent Residence Available for Caregivers in Canada

One can apply for a permanent resident in Canada as a caregiver. Since June 2019, Home Support Worker Pilot or Home Child Care Provider Pilot program gives you the permit to apply for permanent status in Canada. However, you need to meet certain eligibility criteria while you have a specific job offer to work in one of these professions.

Due to these pilots, you can receive an open work permit to immigrate to Canada to work here temporarily. The work permit is meant for a particular occupation only. Also, this work permit doesn’t require the presence of any Labor Market Impact Assessment.

It permits you to get appropriate work experience that makes you eligible for applying for the permanent status here. In case you have been working as a home childcare support worker or provider, you still have the chance to apply for the status.


LCP is the acronym for Live-in Caregiver Program available in Canada. However, this program is closed for new applicants. This program is profitable for the ones with at least two years of work experience in the program.

Also, you need to be approved for the first LCP work permit as per the Labor Market Impact Assessment submitted to the Employment and Social Development Canada. But do not worry if you aren’t able to qualify these options as you get a lot of chances to immigrate to Canada through other programs.

Temporary Jobs for Caregivers

Why lose hope if one doesn’t make it to the permanent residence status in Canada?  You get to enjoy your work as a temporary skilled professional as well. But you need to apply to extend your work permit for staying in Canada.

In case you are already working as a caregiver in Canada, then you can apply for the extension via the TFWP or Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Along with that, your employer needs to provide a positive copy of the LMIA or Labor Market Impact Assessment to offer you a job position.

Mostly, you can apply for the work permit to work in Canada as a temporary caregiver if you:

  • Reside in Canada and are eligible for applying for the work permit within the country
  • Are outside of the country, and your Canadian employer applied for LMIA
  • Would work in Quebec

In any such cases, remember that your employer should apply for the LMIA first to offer any employment to skilled immigrant professionals in Canada. Check out the more details on such programs available in Canada on our website.