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Top Facts to Know About Family Class Immigration in Canada

Have you been trying to get sponsorship for your family members to immigrate them to Canada? The availability of the Family Class Immigration Program in Canada offers you the best platform to provide such assistance to your beloved ones.

But knowing the paperwork and the related details about the program would help you apply appropriately to the concerned authorities. At Nordstrat Immigration Solutions Inc., we offer you a plethora of immigration services at affordable prices in the market. Right from application filing to the approval, our professional team is always there to help you out. That is why we bring you the essential details of the Family Class Immigration Program in Canada for your reference:

About Family Class Immigration in Canada

The Family Class Immigration Program in Canada offers provision to Canadian citizens and permanent residents to provide sponsorship. These citizens or the permanent residents are permitted to sponsor their family members for immigration to Canada. However, to carry out such activities, the sponsor must fulfill all the required eligibility criteria set by the Canadian government.

One of the first requirements you need to fulfill is being at least above 18 years of age and financially capable of sponsoring your family member. Next, you must be able to provide food, healthcare, clothing, shelter, and related other facilities to the sponsored members. Only after meeting all the essential criteria for the program can the sponsored members receive permanent resident approval in Canada.

In the case of reunion, the Canadian government has some specific relaxations available to sponsor children and their spouses. Due to the program's facilities and relaxations for spouse sponsorship, it is quite popular in Canada.

The visa officers have specific preferences for the spouse sponsorship programs and thereby offer quick completion of the application procedure. With such an aim for reuniting the beloved ones, the Ministry of Citizenship aims to increase the number of spouse sponsorships available in Canada.

Excellent Tips for Applying For Family Spouse Sponsorship in Canada

Here are few expert strategies for the ones aiming to apply for the family spouse sponsorship in Canada:

  • Apart from the required spouse sponsorship paperwork, you must provide appropriate evidence that immigration is the sole reason behind the martial alliance or the relationship.
  • In case you got married in another foreign country, then your marriage should be validated as per the federal laws of Canada.
  • In case you had an arranged marriage, then you need to submit additional evidence for the validity of your relationship apart from the marriage certificate like telephone bills, exchanged emails, etc.
  • In case you have started a new relationship without ending the previous one, your application might get rejected due to this factor. To prove the paperwork's authenticity, you need to submit appropriate divorce papers that signify the end of the previous alliance.
  • In case you come from a foreign country and your country does not provide any divorce paper, then it might raise some red flags regarding your sponsorship request.

The entire process might become a little complicated for many immigrants or Canadian citizens as well. Hence, you require the assistance of a professional company that can help you with such sponsorship programs in Canada.