Tourist Visa

Important Information Related To Tourism Visa for Canada

Millions of tourists travel to Canada either to see their families or experience the beauty of Canada. At Nordstat Immigration Solutions Inc., we would help you with all the essential information you need related to a tourist visa. We understand that even the minor flaws in the visa application process can have devastating outcomes.

The entire process of visa application can be confusing to many people out there. This is the reason that an immigration consultant in Jalandhar are providing you with vital information related to Canada's tourism visa.

Basic Requirements to Get a Tourism Visa to Canada

Here is the list of eligibility criteria you should have to get a Canadian tourism visa.

  • You should possess a valid travel document like a passport
  • It would be best if you weren't suffering from any terminal illnesses
  • You should have no immigration-related convictions and criminal records
  • Convince the immigration officer that you would return as soon as your visa validity expires
  • The applicants mustn’t have any intentions to seek employment
  • Invitation letters from sponsor verify your purpose of visiting Canada
  • Applicants from specific countries may require a temporary resident visa

Approval of the TRV Application

The temporary resident visa would be approved by the Canadian immigration authorities in your country. In case you meet the above requirements and found eligible, you would be granted a visa. Based on your situation, you would be issued a single entry visa or a multiple entry visas.

Note that the type of visa you would be granted is automatically decided by the officials. Single entry visas imply that you can enter Canada for the only time. In case of a multiple entry visa, the applicant can enter Canada for numerous times. Also, you would need to reveal your financial stability and security at the time of the visa application process.

Duration of the Tourism Visa

Usually, the duration of a tourist visa is approved for a period of six months. But, study and work-related visas vary. Note that you can apply for an extension of your tourist visa in Canada if you need it. We would advise you to apply for the extension before the expiry of your actual tourist visa. We can assist you with canada tourist visa 10 years. Keep in mind that the temporary resident visa doesn't allow access to Canada.

The immigration officers conduct thorough checking. Moreover, at the port of entry, you have to provide enough proof of your visit. In a majority of the cases, you also have to persuade them that you would leave Canada before the expiry of your visa.   

How Can We Help You?

With in-depth experience in Canadian immigration, Nordstat Immigration Solutions Inc. would assist you in every possible manner. Here is the list of things we will help you with:

  • Recognizing the ideal strategy for you to get a visa
  • Suggesting you on how to present your case which minimizes the chances of an interview
  • Advising you on the type of documents you need
  • Step by step guidance while filling forms
  • Reviewing your application process

Contact us at the earliest to ensure that your application has the highest approval rate.