Canada Provincial Nomination

Provincial Nominee Program Offers Awesome Benefits for the Immigrants

If you have been planning to extend your stay in Canada, you might have to apply to extend your stay status. But in case you want to stay permanently here, you must be pretty confident about contributing to the economy. Only then you would be eligible to apply for the Canadian Provincial Nominee Program.

About Canadian Provincial Nominee Program

The Canadian PNP is a program that gives permission to the territories and the provinces to nominate the interested foreign immigrants from all across the globe. Every listed territory and the provinces have particular Province Nominee Program or PNP eligibility criteria for the applicants except for Nunavut and Quebec. The provinces that come under the program are:

  • Alberta
  • Nova Scotia
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario
  • New Brunswick
  • British Columbia
  • Northwest Territories
  • Saskatchewan
  • Newfoundland &Labrador
  • Yukon
  • Prince Edward Island

These provinces have an agreement with the Canadian government for nominating skilled professionals with relevant experience, skills, and a strong desire to settle in Canada permanently. That is possible as the provinces are responsible for hiring the skilled workers for the local Canadian employers. Also, it tends to promote the capital fund investment of the specific region.

Benefits for the Immigrants

Why people from all over the globe want to apply for PNP in Canada? That is because the program offers many types of benefits to immigrants in Canada. Some of these benefits are:

  • The migrants get quick access to immigration services which help them to apply for Canadian Citizenship
  • It isn’t a point-based policy and hence is quite appealing to the migrants
  • The migrants receive unique social advantages along with government subsidies for education and health
  • One gets to study, work or even do business in the same province due to this program

What Makes Canada the Ideal Immigration Country?

Every year thousands of foreign people come here to get the Canadian PNP and the other associated immigration programs. That is because:

  • You enjoy high living standards here
  • Safe neighborhoods with low crime data
  • Availability of affordable and beneficial education system, healthcare facilities
  • Has the presence of a multicultural community
  • Provides government-supported subsidies and different Social benefits
  • Extraordinary growth chances

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Applying for PNP in Canada

The application process is wholly paper-based, and one needs to apply in two stages.

  • Determine the province that you wish to stay in this country and thereby send a nomination application to the same
  • The concerned authorities would thoroughly review the application based on the immigration needs and your willingness to stay here
  • Once you get the approval from the territory, you need to apply to the IRCC for the permanent residence

The official checks and evaluates the application as per the norms of the Canadian Immigration Law. As per the Law, you must provide sufficient proof for your educational background, work experience, and legal age. In case of any doubts regarding the Law or application procedure, contact our office at any time.