Designated Learning Institutions List

Crucial things to know about student permits

DLI also referred to as a Designated Learning Institute, is a school that admits international students. The letter of acceptance from a DLI carries paramount significance. With the help of the DLI letter, you can get a Canadian study permit.

Applicants of student permits have to provide the DLI number to apply for their school of choice. In specific situations, the students may be exempt from giving a DLI letter or a DLI number. At NordStrat Immigration Solutions Inc., we are canada immigration consultants in india and help you with various processes related to student’s permits and DLI lists and DLI lists.

Work Permit for Post-Graduate Students

You should be aware of the fact that whether you are eligible to work after your graduation. It is important to note here that not all DLIs would make you available to be employed just after your graduation.

Apart from passing with good grades from a designated learning institution, it would be best to meet all other criteria to obtain a work permit. Usually, you have a period of 180 days after getting your final marks and applying for a post-graduation work permit. You can be eligible to apply for a PGWP only if:

  • You carry a valid record of the visitor
  • Student permit and its validity is still intact
  • The final decision on the extension of your study permit is still pending
  • The final decision on changing the visitor status is still pending

Primary and Secondary Educational Institutes

Note that in Canada, all primary and secondary institutions are DLIs. In most Canadian provinces, these schools offer classes from Grade one to Grade Twelve. When a student graduates from the secondary school, they are eligible to receive their high school diploma.

Also, note that the dependent minor students don't need a study permit. In case you have underage kids and visiting Canada on a study or work permit, they would be allowed to pursue education. This implies that you don’t need to apply for a separate study permit.

Schools in Canada for International Students

Canada offers international students a lot of choices. From primary and secondary schools to post secondary institutions, you would have access to a vast number of options. But once you have selected a school, ensure that it is on the DLI list.

This list usually approves that the educational institute can accept international students. You would be granted a study permit only when you are accepted by a DLI. While applying for a study permit, you have to be extra cautious. Minor mistakes can severely jeopardize the whole application process.    

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